$699.00 USD

Dynamic Infant Movement For Breastfeeding And Beyond

Does your baby struggle to nurse? Are they behind on developmental milestones? Does your toddler sleep with their mouth open? I created this course “Dynamic Infant Movement for Breastfeeding and Beyond” to empower moms to do the bodywork I do in my office on their own babies at home. The work I teach has powerful and impactful results. It helps babies get back to breastfeeding after months of not being able to. It helps babies get back into their bodies, so that they can start crawling when and how they are designed to. It helps toddlers open up their body, so that they can be their most vibrant self. It builds a mother’s confidence to care for and support her own baby without needing to go to a million appointments. If you’re like me as a new mom, you’re wondering why it just isn’t easier. It’s because we weren’t given the tools we need. Here’s the tool mama. I cannot wait to see you in our community.